The Answer to the Turnkey Landscape

Sometimes only handwork will do.
Contractor Kip Anderson, a 20 -year
Victory Garden veteran, cuts down
perennials for a client.

By nature gardens aren't static; to borrow one of my all time favorite heard-over- the-airplane-intercom phrases: "shift happens." Plants die or are damaged by storms, or outgrow their intended spaces. Areas become shaded that were formerly sunny; wet spots dry out; trees succumb to disease and pests. Family needs dictate new garden spaces. Landscapes are constantly evolving, and it's generally more than the average large property homeowner can handle without expert advice. And this is especially true in the case of new landscapes: the first year or two are critical to a garden's existence, and what looks great at the time of spring installation can very easily wind up dead by fall without professional guidance.

And so, once the installers leaves, whom do you call? They guys that do your neighbor's mow and blow? Hmmm.. That's a real problem, as very few so-called "landscapers" know the first thing about plant care. Well, with us, that isn't even an issue. If we build your garden, we'll take care of it too.

Using our 30 years experience in hiring qualified, vetted contractors, we bring all your landscape needs under one roof, with one simple monthly statement – easy as that.

Here's what we provide:

• your own dedicated "garden concierge", a certified Massachusetts horticulturist, available six days a week, Monday - Saturday 8 AM -PM to coordinate all your landscape needs from mowing, cleanup, perennial/annual care, irrigation, tree work – what ever is needed. And because we only service our own design clients, you're guaranteed to work with someone who knows you, your tastes, & your garden – personally.

• a fully articulated, proactive yearly garden plan showing month to month what needs to occur to keep your landscape looking its best

• access to our private list of vetted contractors for whatever your garden needs. These are all tested professionals, fully insured with English speaking foremen – you should be able to communicate with these folks if you want to!

• one simple monthly bill

REMEMBER - OUR GARDENCONCIERGE SERVICE IS NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. It's just another reason why you should consider Michael Weishan & Associates first for your landscape design and construction needs.