Design Services Overview

With almost 30 years experience, Michael Weishan & Associates is one of New England's leading residential landscape design firms, whose projects and expertise have been featured in numerous periodicals including Boston Magazine, New Old House, Country Living as well as on PBS, the Today Show, and the CBS Early Show.

Why hire us?
Four simple reasons:

1) We know what we're doing.
You might think that's a given when you hire a design firm, but many of our competitors are either expert draftsmen, OR, knowledgeable plantsmenrarely both. That's a dangerous professional gap when working in a fluid outdoor world with living material that grows and changes with every season. At Michael Weishan & Associates, we're the rare combination of architectural designers who actually know and enjoy gardening. That means we create successful landscapes that not only look great when installed, but actually improve over time.

2) We're small and personalized.
We don't do commercial projects, period. We specialize in residential landscapes that are custom-crafted for our clients. To maintain quality control, we deliberately take on a limited number of projects every year that best suit our talents and the needs of our clients. If at our initial meeting we feel that we're not a good fit for you, we'll tell you so and suggest others who are. It also means that when you call or email us, someone answers who knows you, knows your project, and can immediately give you the information you need.

3) We love our work and stand behind our gardens.
Let's face it: gardens are mutable creations subject to wild variations of wind and weather. Storms topple trees, pests arrive, climate patterns change. We understand these natural cycles, and provide our unique garden concierge service exclusively for our design clients, so that if we build a garden for you, you can rest assured that as long as you wish it, we've got you covered.

4) We're reasonably priced.
Our costs are exactly in line with other comparable design firms, but we offer better service.

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Email to: inquiry at michaelweishan dot com to set up a consultation or call 508.481.2244