Some Commonly Asked Questions

What's the process like?

Here's why you need talented, insured contractors. Each one of these rocks weighs
upwards of 300 pounds. The custom pool deck railing cost 10K. Railing + rock = disaster
for the inexperienced.

Starting the design process couldn’t be easier. Simply call or e-mail our office to set up an initial consultation. Either I or one of my associates will come out to your home, and spend an hour or two with you on site, evaluating the area, assessing the potential problems and possibilities, and most importantly getting to know you, your lifestyle, and what you envision for your property. We’ll also discuss project/design costs, and define the time frame for the design and construction process. We charge for this initial consult – generally around $200 depending on your location – but this consult fee is waived for those who engage our services within 60 days. To begin, we’ll then develop and present to you an initial scaled set of drawings called “bubble plans,” so named from the large, cartoon-like dialogue bubbles that show how we envision using the various portions of your property. This money-saving step ensures that before we’ve proceeded too far in the drawing process – time is money, after all – everyone is in agreement about what specifics the final design will contain. Once everyone is on board, a second set of detailed plans is produced, showing hardscape and planting details, as well as budget estimates. At this point, you, the client, can decide what portions, if any, of the design you wish to implement. Should you decide to begin construction, a final set of drawings is produced for the various contractors involved. And of course, we'll be there supervising the project until the very last plant goes in the ground. At Michael Weishan & Associates, we're all about creating great gardens, with superlative customer service.

Do you work only in the Boston area?

No, in fact, we are currently working on design projects all around the US, though the majority of our designs are for the New England area.

Another factor often neglected by landscape installers is the soil preparation.
Here one of our contractors adds a heavy layer of compost to the existing beds before
any planting.

Do you have contractors on hand, or do we have to find our own?

In the metropolitan Boston area, we have a team of contractors with whom we have developed excellent working relationships over the years, and are happy to propose them. You may also choose to use your own. In areas beyond Boston, we’ll work with you to find qualified contractors to complete your project.

Michael, you’re kind of famous. Do you do only large projects, and are you expensive?

Actually, our fees are on par, or lower, than most other major design firms, and we do all sizes of projects from small urban gardens, to suburban gardens, to large estates. And, if for some reason we think we’re not suited to your project, we’ll tell you that during our initial phone conversation at no cost to you, and try to recommend someone better suited to your needs.

Why hire your firm and not someone else?

Two reasons. The first is expertise. I've written three books on garden design; have twenty years practical experience in the field; and know my business. If you hire Michael Weishan & Associates, you’ll be working directly with me, and you'll know that you’ll be getting a great landscape. The second is personal service. We are a small firm, dedicated to serving our client base. Creating a garden should be a fun and enjoyable process for you, and we work hard to ensure that’s the case.

How do we make an appointment?