Recent Projects

This dramatic Northshore seaside retreat is probably one of the most technically difiicult and design challenging projects we've ever built. Perched atop solid bedrock, the Mediterranean style house demanded a formal treatment that matched the strict rigor of the neo-classical facade while accommodating access to various entries. We designed, and with the expertise of S&H Construction, contructed a classical stair and wall system that transports the visitor down 100 feet from street level through four levels of gardens to ocean stair laped with wind and wave.


This sunken garden was completed in 2013 for an historic home in Cambridge. The classical summer house was inspired by early Federal designs and provides the perfect spot for reading or enjoying a cool drink. The cedar roof structure features an innovative ceiling fan system to both cool the occupants on hot days as well as preventing mosquitos from troubling summer activities.



Other images from our portfolio:

Color from foliage

Flower-filled Gardens

Country Gardens

Designing with Water