Private Spaces

Before we began our redesign of this backyard, this area tucked away behind a lovely Mansard roofed Victorian home in Salem, Massachusetts, was a totally neglected spot, full of weeds and debris, as you can see at left. It was also strangely cut off from the rest of the yard, serving very little purpose except to provide additional maintenance work for the owners.

Now, after the installation of the small brick terrace for seating, a fence and arbor to delineate the border of the space, and a simple boxwood garden for color, it’s one of the owners’ favorite spaces – perfect for a quiet drink or game of cards on a Sunday afternoon. The antique cast iron furniture and urn nicely mirror the Victorian style of the house, and provide just enough visual interest in the off-season. As you consider reworking your backyard living space, remember that intimate, out-of-the-way areas like this one create a sense of mystery and excitement in the landscape.


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