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There are two ways to receive automatic updates from Old House, Old Garden when new articles are published.The first is to subscribe to the RSS feed, a free service of most browsers. To do that, pull down the BOOKMARK menu in your browser, and click SUBSCRIBE TO THIS PAGE. This will automatically add a tab to your menu bar or list with a small radio indicator. New articles will appear automatically when you click the tab. (Note: the tab does not flash or otherwise indicate a new piece has arrived. You must check periodically.)

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Michael Weishan


Sign Up for Automatic Notices of New Articles — 10 Comments

  1. Love the magazine. Miss you and the Victory Garden. So glad to have this. Cheers! Ed

  2. Reestablishing the idea of food gardens as an essential part of a home landscape is a struggle. Thanks for the reminder of what was once as ubiquitous in the home landscape as grass and trees.

  3. I am watching you on RLTV can’t believe this episode is 10 years old. Missed you on the Victory Garden.

  4. Please add me to your mailing list. I am a avid gardener! I am losing my front lawn and trying to make the new garden drought tolerant in a craftsman style design. Live inland San Francisco Bay area where water is scarce these days.

  5. Add me to he mailing list. Have been gardening for several years but new to starting my own seeds indoors. I enjoy the past articles I’ve come across. Very helpful!
    From Grass Valley, Ca

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