Plum Out of Luck


The fungal disease, black knot, on the now deceased Fellenburg pear.

Today was a sad day in the orchard. I was forced to cut down the two remaining Fellenburg plum trees, as they were riddled with Black Knot. This destructive fungal disease, which produces large, ugly black excrescences on the branches,  is almost impossible to eradicate once established. I first noticed this problem several years back, and stupidly didn’t pay attention – primarily because I wasn’t familiar with the disease, and didn’t realize its severity. Early removal of the growths, and treatment with fungicides might, and I stress might, have halted the advance. I tried both this spring to no avail. In any event it’s too late now. My only recourse is to plant new trees next spring, this time, choosing a more resistant cultivar, like ‘President.’ In any event, no more August plum cake for a few years…

And so it goes…



Plum Out of Luck — 2 Comments

  1. Do apple trees get something similar? I’m afraid our elderly apple tree may be running briskly down the same road.

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