Of Cucumbers, Pickling and Otherwise

picklingThis year, I decided to grow only pickling cucumbers. No, that’s not precisely true. I tried, twice, sowing seeds of a special Armenian variety I got from Johnny’s Select Seeds, and twice it failed. (The cold wet season we’ve had probably has something to do with it, but the pickling cucumbers did just fine…) In any event, pickling cucumbers are what I have, and that’s just as well, as there’s no finer use for a cucumber than a refrigerator pickle. If you’ve never tried this simple method, you should: take a 5 gallon jar, a cup of salt, a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar, and some dill (the exact quantities don’t need to be precise) and fill the jar with as many well washed cucumbers as you can, then top off with water. If I can manage to keep my hands out of the jar for two days, the entire batch will be ready. Normally however, a few disappear every six or eight hours until there’s none left. The brine, by the way, can be reused for the next batch. Just don’t let the pickles sit in the bath too long: they will convert to full fledged pickles, rather than the “half-cooked” kosher type, fairly quickly.



Of Cucumbers, Pickling and Otherwise — 2 Comments

  1. Lucky duck – ALL my cucumbers failed directly as a result of our exceptionally cold and wet summer. I love pickles and will have to turn to our local greenhouses to get my fix.

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