Lettuce for Containers

lettuce-babies1A comment yesterday from one of our readers about starting lettuce on a windowsill reminded me that I wanted to let folks know how easy it is to grow lettuce in containers, especially those varieties bred for it. Here’s a pot variety I’ve grown, and it’s great: ‘Lettuce Babies’ Butterhead, available from Renee’s Select Seed. Originally developed for the Japanese luxury market where a premium is put on flavor and quality, these delightful, perfectly formed rosettes have softly folded leaves, a lovely buttery texture, and are heat tolerant.

Not to mention very, very tasty.



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  1. I’m spending more and more time on this site when I really should be concentrating on work. keep it up. and remember “If life gives you weeds….make herbal tea. =) Keep on Gardening

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