Summer Lettuce

lettuce seedlings

Here are the 'Little Gem' lettuce seedlings I planted out this morning. Started in flats, lettuce is much easier to grow.

Normally, the words “lettuce” and “summer” don’t go together, but our weather here has been so wet and cold that the lettuce seedlings I planted in June are just now ready to be set into the garden. Both are romaine types – a smaller 45-day variety called ‘Little Gem’ and a full sized, 70-day  ‘Viviane’, which I’m hoping, given adequate water and a bit of shade, won’t immediately decide to bolt. I’ll be sure to report back…

Amazingly, it’s almost time to be thinking about fall lettuces, and if you’re dying for an early crop, one the the best ways to do that is to start seeds in early August in a cool, half shaded place and transfer the seeldings into the garden after they develop a few leaves. (Lettuce seeds won’t germinate in soil that is 80 degrees F. or warmer, so there’s no sense in sowing directly in the garden in the summer.) In fact, I start all my lettuce seedlings in flats, regardless of the season. It’s much easier than direct sowing, you escape weeks of weeding and thinning, and best of all, you avoid putting your precious seedlings in the way of those voracious rabbits and other lettuce loving rodents. Whichever method you choose, here in zone 6 you have until Labor day to get started.



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  1. Your lettuce looks great! I grew some inside on the windowsill in early spring and got a good harvest, but didn’t keep it going. I may try again later… Your beautiful crop inspires me. Cheers!

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