Raspberry Varieties

rasberriesIt occurred to me after completing the previous post that I should mention what raspberries I grow, given the large numbers on the market. The current thicket, now about 40′ long, was originally planted during my first season hosting the Victory Garden, and now consists of two varieties, both late season, summer reds: Canby – a midseason raspberry variety that yields large fruit with excellent flavor, whose canes are virtually thorn-free; Taylor – another vigorous, winter-hardy variety with productive plants yielding delicious, bright and firm fruit medium to large in size.

I also originally planted an early variety, Reveille, which I subsequently removed when I transferred the raspberries from the upper orchard to the new vegetable garden. The although Reveille bore a decent early crop, I found the flavor didn’t hold a candle to the later types.

These varieties, and many others, can be found at my favorite of all berry nurseries, Nourse Farms.


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