Tomato Update

Well, despite the continued wet cool weather (we had another several inches of rain last night)  I’m delighted to say that the tomatos seem to have recovered. My emergency trenching operation to divert the standing water, combined with pruning off the obviously damaged foliage has done the trick for the moment. (Caveat: I used an exceedingly sharp pair of florists scissors, dipped in alcohol between each cut, to prevent the spread of disease. In a wet year like this fungal and viral problems are rampant.) The pruning operation seemed to definitely help – the reduction of foliage mass allowed the plants to better ration water and oxygen while the roots recoverd. Though the plants are definitely set back a bit, they are now growing again, and my very favorite, the yellow cherry tomato ‘Sungold,’ is almost ready to give it’s first handful of tomatos. About time, it nearly August!

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