Birth Notice

Kri-key! I just got out of the egg an hour ago. Can't you guys wait for me?

Born, to Mrs. Harrington Magpie (Maggie, to her friends) Duck, of Southborough, Massachusetts, this Easter morn, 2011, the following 19 (update: now 20,as of Easter eve) offspring:

Michael Duane Duck

Laurie Jeanne Duck

Cynthia Louise Duck

Richard Duane Duck

Caroline (Just call me ‘Carol’) Duck

Eugene Gregory Duck

Rose Duck

Lilian Duck

Nathanial James Duck

Timothy Allen Duck

Christian Zachary Duck

William Harold Duck

Annabelle Patrice Duck

Henry Thomas Duck

George Mason Duck

Henrietta Charlotte Duck

Samuel Christopher Duck

Maxwell Graham Duck

Nigel Patrick Duck

and (Easter eve update) just born, the last egg, Cara Suzanne Duck


Birth Notice — 10 Comments

  1. Beautiful family and born on such a special day! A sure sign of Spring.
    Congratulations to all!!

  2. Wow! What a big family! Too bad there was no Cara Suzanne Duck…maybe in the next hatch 🙂

  3. How wonderful. Thank you for sharing. How did you come up with all the names?

  4. I can’t wait til you start raising sheep–I’ll expect to see OUR names in there.

  5. I am particularly fond of “Just call me Carol.” Long may she and all her siblings quack!

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