Don’t You Just Love Free Shipping on Seeds?

The new 'Defiant' tomato with late blight resistance.

One thing that always really galls me is to get to the end of an Internet seed order, and then click the button only to find the total has increased by 20% because of shipping. Especially seeds. For goodness sake, they are feather-light! What can it really cost to ship seeds? But here’s a trick for one my favorite suppliers, Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Though it’s not advertised anywhere on their site, I did a bit of Internet snooping: if you type in 11-1005 in the coupon box when you go to check out, shipping suddenly becomes free. That saved me $14 bucks, which will buy a few more varieties instead of supporting UPS! Of especially interest to me this year is their new (and exclusive) ‘Defiant’ tomato, which has been bred for “great taste” and resistance to both early and late blights. Though late blight didn’t make the news last year like the season previous, it was very much present in the garden during late August and September, and again ended the tomato season long before first frost. I noticed that where tomatoes had not been planted the year previous, as in the brand new Harvard College Community Garden in Cambridge, Massachusetts, there was no blight, but my garden, as well as the nearby community garden, all suffered, which leads me to believe that the blight pathogen is far more persistent in the Northeast than first believed. Perhaps this new variety will help, we’ll see. But at any rate, enjoy this hidden gem of free shipping while it lasts.


Don’t You Just Love Free Shipping on Seeds? — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you, Michael, for that money saving tip!
    I must admit that we did not have have any sign of blight here. We had a great crop. However, my gorgeous Mimosa just wilted and died. Within a few weeks all of it’s leaves dropped. It was approximately 17 years old and seemed to be healthy right up until it started dropping leaves. Any ideas what might have happened?

  2. Hi Michael,
    All I know is that it is a Mimosa. About 18 years ago, I pulled it out of my parent’s garden and planted it in my front yard near the road. It has grown and flourished over the years until this past summer. It has palm-like leaves and fluffy, pink, aromatic blooms. I live in Sagamore Beach. I don’t know the tree’s botanical name. Because of it’s size and flowers, it was used as a neighborhood landmark.
    Thank you,

  3. Thanks for the tip…. saving $12 to spend $80, but hopefully we’ll have lots of yummy potatoes this year!

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