Stop the Presses: A Hose-Repair Kit That Actually Works!

One of my annual fall tasks is putting away the hoses, sprinklers, and other watering paraphernalia, and this year, I decided to get a jump on spring and repair the problem hoses BEFORE they were urgently needed. (‘Bout time!) However, such good intentions were not immediately rewarded, as a trip to my local hardware store revealed only Christmas lights where once hose reels stood. Two stops later I found myself at Walmart, just as the clerk was carting away this season’s supplies. In desperation I grabbed an odd lot of male and female connectors from the cart he was loading up, the last they had. Frankly, I didn’t hold out much hope – one of the reasons I’ve been so lazy about repairing hoses in the past is that the connectors, especially those of the pinching type, either failed immediately or eventually leaked so miserably that it was hardly worth the effort.

A close-to-miracle device: the hose repair kit from Nelson. Male, female and connector pieces available in both 5/8 and 3/4".

So long story short: came home, and discovered the beauty of these little beauties, which work like a charm! Truly. Simply unscrew the cap, insert into the hose. Rescrew. The kit does the rest, compressing the hose around the end piece as you tighten. No tools needed, and not a leak in sight.

What can I say?


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