Garden in a Pot

A miniature landscape in a pot: clockwise, from top: kalanchoe thrysifolia; sedum hakonense 'Makino'; sempervivum x 'Oddity'; a mystery fan-shaped plant that lost its label, and echevaria 'Pearl Van Nurnburg'.

Earlier this spring I was shopping for plants at the nursery, and came across a wonderful selection of  (mostly) tender succulents being sold as annuals. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with these little guys, but they were so cute I couldn’t resist. So I brought them home, found a large shallow clay container, arranged them around a piece of granite, and added some gravel mulch to contrast the leaf colors and form. I put my garden in a pot on the little table outside the beehouse, and promptly forgot all about it. Forgot, that was, until I’d happen to pass that area, and would admire just how nice it was looking with absolutely no care.




No care at all; not even water in one of the hottest and driest summers we’ve had on record!

What’s not to love?

So now that the weather is cooling off, I’m going to rescue my little friends from the far corner of the yard, send them to the greenhouse, and enjoy them again next year in exactly the same spot.

And, I’m certainly going to think about using more succulents in my designs, especially in sun-baked situations where we’ve been specifying container annuals that require constant care and watering. This business of looking great with no upkeep is a horticultural trend to be fostered!


Garden in a Pot — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Michael,
    Great idea! Now that we’re in the heart of Montreal, a couple of gardens in a pot would be perfect in our apartment. Hope you are well.

  2. Michael,

    I absolutely loved your succulent garden desing in a pot!

    You have inspired me to try something similar for my garden.

    Unfortunately, without a greenhouse in zone 5, I am reduced to overwintering my containers in the garage.

    I am thinking of combining bergenia, Dragon’s Blood sedum, artemisia Silver Brocade, and a beautiful geranium I found called Karina Biokovo. I may even try to squeeze in some sweet woodruff for early spring blooms.

    I think I am going to need a bigger pot.

    Wish me luck!

    All the Best,

  3. correction to previous email:

    should have been “hardy geranium Biokovo Karmina”


  4. I also love the easy care of succulents. Yours look very happy. Will you bring this container in for the winter?

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