The latest in green Christmas ornaments – bottle gourds

Now generally, I don’t label a plant I’ve deliberately sown as an invader, but little else can be said of this year’s bottle gourd crop. While the picture above may not look threatening, matters change a bit when I tell you that this shot was taken had to be taken with a telephoto lens, and that the gourds in question are 3′ long,  located 40′ up into the fir tree.

It seems the massive 12′ arbor over the beehives I special-built for my vining friends was deemed insufficient.

I’ve written about the crafty cunning of cucurbits before, (HERE and HERE) but this is ridiculous. How am I going to get the bloody things down from the top of that tree?

Add to this the fact that I deliberately ordered and received color coded seeds from favored supplier Renee’s, seeking to plant only round Corsican gourds. For those of you unfamiliar with their wily ways, bottle gourds come in three types: round; dippers like these; or figure-eight shaped (also called bird house gourds.) I deliberately planted the seeds coded for round, as I wished to grow some wonderful table decorations, like the ones given to me by friend and garden expert Amy Goldman many years ago, and which still grace my dining room table each fall:

Issues of extrication aside, do those gourds in the tree look ROUND to you?

Since my climbing friends appear perfectly contented in their evergreen home, I’m thinking this year we might have the first totally “green” Christmas display in Boston – dipper gourds, dangling merrily from the firs…

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