Oh, It’s So GOOD to be a Turtle…


(Singing) Oh…… it’s so GOOD to be a turtle, on a sunny September’s morn!

I just had to share this picture with you. I found this little guy – he’s only 2″ long – earlier this summer – in fact, I almost stepped on him (or her) mowing the lawn. He must have just hatched, and was looking for water. Rather than send him to the big pond, where Mr. Heron just loves to encounter soft, quarter-sized baby turtles, I installed him in the upper courtyard fountain where’s he’s been for the last few months – having a good time, by the looks of it. Soon though, he’ll have to forage for himself in the big pond – Eastern painted turtles spend the winter buried in the mud underwater – not breathing for 5 months! – and I doubt there is sufficient cover for him up above. No worries though: judging from the number of painted turtles we have, he’ll be just fine, though perhaps the accommodations won’t be quite so comfy…

Enjoy the beach while the sun shines, little friend!



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