Perfect for Shade – Hosta ‘Praying Hands’

There was a lot of interest in my last column about shade gardening, which reminded me: a couple of months back, the good folks from Scotts were looking for a gardening project to support in Boston, and I recommended the … Continue reading

Shade Gardening 101

Mention the world shade, and average gardener’s brow will start to furrow, already calculating ways to escape the dark menace. That’s really a shame, for while gardening in the shade often presents a number of challenges – poor soil, competition … Continue reading

From the Kitchen Garden: More on Endive

I was out in the rain-soaked garden this morning peering about, and noticed that finally, finally the chicory has sprouted. It took quite along time – and several week of consistent moisture – but the little plantlets are finally on … Continue reading

What A Difference A Few Months Make!

Now, if you had asked me for most of the spring what the fate of this ‘Scintillation’ would be, I would never in my wildest dreams have predicted this. The foliage looked as if it had been dipped in boiling … Continue reading