The Storied Ivy

That headlong ivy! Not a leaf will grow But thinking of a wreath……. Elizabeth Barrett Browning  Aurora Leigh, 1856 Looking for a task that was not too trying in yesterday’s 90º heat, I decided to trim the ivy that had … Continue reading

Raising Backyard Chickens

I recently read a piece in the New York Times about the increased popularity of raising backyard chickens. Citing Americans’ desire to control both what they eat, as well as the cost of food, the article notes that raising poultry … Continue reading

Of Beans, Poles, and Other Lessons Learned

I just got in from harvesting a hefty batch of green  beans (one of the few crops that seems to have done well this season) and I have a few lessons to share. 1) Forget about those quaint looking traditional … Continue reading

Yellow Yews, and other Gardening Myths

Well, the day has dawned bright and beautiful here, and I’m shortly to decamp my office for the garden, but before I go, I wanted share with you an interesting discovery I made recently: yews prefer alkaline soil. This may … Continue reading

Tomato Death, and Other Disasters

My daily walk through the vegetable garden, normally so pleasant, could this morning only be described as dismal. Seventy tomato plants – the pride of my growing activities – are all in various stages of decay and death, struck down … Continue reading

Death From Above

If you’re a duckling, death looms large. Injury & Disease are constant companions, and being nothing more than fluff and water, you’re easily squished by hoofed mammals, humans, even other ducks. There are a thousand things that like to eat … Continue reading