Early Snowfall

So here’s a truly beautiful sight: the tumbles of white are what most of us would call Clematis paniculata,  formerly C. maximowicziana and now C. terniflora. This plant, first discovered by famous Swedish botanist Carl Thurnberg (1743-1828), was originally christened … Continue reading

The Storied Ivy

That headlong ivy! Not a leaf will grow But thinking of a wreath……. Elizabeth Barrett Browning  Aurora Leigh, 1856 Looking for a task that was not too trying in yesterday’s 90º heat, I decided to trim the ivy that had … Continue reading

Spring into Fall with Native Perennials

Last summer I spent almost a month touring gardens in Ireland and England, and without a doubt, these were some of the most spectacular landscapes I have ever seen. Garden after garden passed before my eyes, each filled with rich … Continue reading

A Spectacular Addition to the Summer Border

Now here’s a spectacular addition to the summer border: Veronicastrum virginicum ‘Fascination’ This cultivar had been growing in the long border for several years, and despite its interesting, caster bean type foliage, it hadn’t made much of an impression on … Continue reading