Four Quick Lessons in Garden Design

Several years ago my sister Cindy and I traveled to England. We passed a few delightful days in London, then went down to Dorset to spend a week at a small inn that specializes in garden tours. The setting was … Continue reading

Garden Surprises

By their very nature, gardens hold surprises.  Many are not so pleasant, like the about to flower clematis I discovered one morning last week cruelly carried off by a late frost. Most however, are delightful, especially when completely unexpected. Here’s … Continue reading

Heirloom Lilacs

The lilacs opened in my garden this morning, and as the breeze carried that heady scent through the open window for the first time this year, I was instantly transported back to my childhood in Milwaukee, walking with my mother … Continue reading

Variegated Wonders

If I were to tell you that there were a neglected group of trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals that could provide excellent color to even the dreariest corner of your landscape, would you be interested? If I were further to … Continue reading

Designing the Garden: Fences, Hedges and Screen Plantings

Part Three of an Occasional Series on Tips for Designing the Home Landscape As spring rolls finally rolls around here in Boston, and people start to spend more time outdoors enjoying the fine weather, my clients inevitably ask me about … Continue reading

Designing Your Landscape: Unifying House and Garden

Part One of an Occasional Series on Tips for Designing the Home Landscape When you step into a really well designed landscape, something just feels right: There’s a sense of pleasure, of comfort, of being at home, outdoors and in. … Continue reading

Winter’s Wonder: The Sublime Witch-hazel

A chill wind blows through the cold and barren garden as I make my way back to the house amid small mounds of left-over ice and snow.  Here and there the tip of an occasional snowdrop can be seen trying … Continue reading

Greening the White House Victory Garden

I’ve been doing a considerable amount of research ahead of my 2010 national lecture tour, pulling together three new talks on “Greening the Victory Garden”, all about how to get started growing your own fresh food in an environmentally sensitive … Continue reading

Holly Happiness

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a real holly bush. I was 14 years old, and my grandfather had taken me down from the wilds of cold Wisconsin to the considerably milder, and then to me, completely mystical … Continue reading

Harvest Moon

Let’s face it: the sine qua non of vegetable gardening is a site in full sun. Without it, growth is lackluster at best. At worst, you get a plot full of failing plants and weeds. (Ever notice how weeds don’t … Continue reading