(Almost Too) Late Season Lawn Care

This past September I opened my garden for a quick tour, and as the group departed I heard one of the guests comment “I wish I had a garden like Michael’s, where nothing seems to go wrong.” While I was … Continue reading


For those of you basking in the warm climes of the South and Southwest, the words “winter blooming” probably don’t have special significance. After all, a good portion of your plant palette flowers between September and March. So what’s special … Continue reading

Building Tabletop Christmas Trees from Boxwood

You may remember back in July I was proclaiming my love for boxwood. Well, here’s another  reason why you should be sure to have one or two of these wonderful shrubs around your yard. Boxwood is the perfect material to … Continue reading

The Greens of Autumn

Perhaps it’s the contrarian in me: all summer and early fall, when the vegetable garden is at its height and greens are easy to grow, leafy salads hold little appeal. With such an abundance of other, more interesting vegetables, why … Continue reading

Raising Backyard Chickens

I recently read a piece in the New York Times about the increased popularity of raising backyard chickens. Citing Americans’ desire to control both what they eat, as well as the cost of food, the article notes that raising poultry … Continue reading

Traditional Gardening Magazine, Reborn Online

My online column Old House, Old Garden owes its genesis to two unrelated events. The first was a I call I received the other day, asking once again: “Michael, may I still subscribe to your magazine, Traditional Gardening®?” The second … Continue reading