Beets Me: Starting Seeds Indoors Step by Step

Every spring, I marvel at the crowds of people buying flats and flats of expensive annual and vegetable seedlings at nurseries and box stores. For expediency’s sake, that’s fine; but for better economy, and for better gardening, you can save … Continue reading

Combatting Scale and Whitefly Indoors

I was down in the greenhouse this morning, and noticed as I was watering the Confederate Jasmine that the leaves had shiny, sticky spots on them, normally a sign that scale was present. Sure enough, a flip of the leaves … Continue reading

Organizing Seeds

OK, so we’ve all been there: enticed by those luscious catalogs glowing with glossies of ripe and redolent vegetables, we’ve rushed out, bought large quantities of seeds, and then stuck the packets in a drawer, only to remember them again … Continue reading

The Best (And Worst) Vegetables of 2009-2010

As promised, the best of the best, and worst of the worst seed-grown vegetable list from 2009. Now remember, to some extent these ratings are subjective, and dependent on climate; when choosing varieties, you must always select cultivars that are … Continue reading

Lettuce for Containers

A comment yesterday from one of our readers about starting lettuce on a windowsill reminded me that I wanted to let folks know how easy it is to grow lettuce in containers, especially those varieties bred for it. Here’s a … Continue reading